Net Check-In Instructions

Step by step guide on how to use Net Check-In.

Net Check-In Instructions

Net Check-In is an online system to put your name in the patient queue without having to be at the lab in person.  It can be done from any device with an internet web browser and internet access.

A mobile app is available for Android OS and IOS devices.

Please note that the estimated wait time is based on current patient volume and staff availability.  The estimated wait time may increase or decrease as staff become available or unavailable due to breaks or other duties.  An increase in estimated wait time does not mean a change your position in the queue.

Net Check-In is NOT a guaranteed appointment time.  Valley Medical Labs reserves the right to decline service due to patient volume near the end of listed business hours.

If you require an appointment at a specific time, please see our appointment booking page for more information. (LINK)

Due to the configuration of the Net Check-In system, Valley Medical Labs is not able to use Net Check-In on your behalf.  You must use your own device.

Net Check-In is only available at some Valley Medical Lab locations.  To see the map of locations please click here. (LINK)

Locations that do not provide Net Check-In service are still open but may be available as appointment only or walk-in only.  Please see our locations for location specific information.

How to use Net Check-In:

  1. Visit our Locations page.
  2. Select your desired location (Please note: Not all Valley Medical Lab locations are equipped with Net Check-In).
  3. Enter your first name, last name, and phone number.
  4. Select “Check In”.

A confirmation and estimated wait time will appear.  This time may fluctuate depending on real-time staff availability.

Please try to arrive at the lab within few minutes prior to your wait time reaching zero.  Follow signage at the lab indicating Net Check-In.

We have limited space in our waiting rooms, so you may still be asked to wait outside the lab until a space becomes available.