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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is fasting?

A: Fasting requires the patient to go without anything to eat, drink, chew (i.e. gum) or smoke, except plain water for a specified amount of time.

2. How long do I need to fast?

A:  Most tests require fasting for 12 Ė 14hrs.

3. Can I have coffee or tea when Iím fasting?

A: No, only plain water.

4.  If I am having fasting tests, what do I do about prescribed medications or vitamins that I am taking?

A: It is best to check with the doctor that ordered the fasting tests, as it will depend on the medications and the tests. It is best to wait until after your tests are done to take your morning dose of any medication. If you are supposed to take an evening dose, it should be taken no later than 10 pm, and only with water.

5.  How long will it take for my doctor to receive my results?

A: Tests done by us are generally available to your doctor within two business days.

6. Can I have a copy of my results?

A: We encourage patients to register with myehealth to be able to view their results.

7.  Do I need to make an appointment?

A: All of our locations provide services to patient on a walk in basis.  There are few tests that actually require an appointment and your physician will usually let you know if that is the case.

8.  Why do I need my care card every time?

A: Your care card is a source of identification. Having your care card available saves you time at the lab, and prevents errors such as people with the same name etc.

9. Are you part of Interior Health?

A: No. We are a private medical laboratory that contracts with the BC Medical Plan to do the tests requested by your doctor.

10.  Why do I sometimes wait a long time to have my blood work collected?

A: We are a walk in service thus are never certain what the patient volume will be. However the busiest times are the early morning, which are best avoided.

11.  Why do I have to pay for some of my tests? eg. PSA?

A: The medical services plan (MSP) governs what tests covered, and which tests must be paid privately.

12. How come some people get called in before me even though I was here first?

A: Some tests require multiple samples over a period of time. If someone is returning for their next sample it may appear that they jumped ahead of you, but in fact they started well before you.

13. Are you open on the weekend?

A: No.  If you require testing on the weekend we recommend you go to the hospital laboratory.

14. Do I get in faster if I am fasting?

A: No.  The majority of our patients in the morning are fasting.

15. Why doesnít the doctor give me the information I need?

A: There are thousands of lab tests, some with special testing requirements that occasionally change.  Your doctor may not be aware of these changes.

16. Why did the doctor order this test?

A: Your doctor is the only one that can accurately answer this question.

17.  What are these tests?

A: We are able to tell you the name of the tests you are getting done, but not why. There are always a variety of reasons why a doctor orders lab tests.

18. What do they mean in relation to me?

A: If you have questions regarding your tests you must have that conversation with your doctor. 

19. Can I phone the lab and get my results?

A:  No.  We recommend contacting your doctor for your results.

20.  How do I arrange to get on the home collection list?

A: Our costly house call program is a free service we provide to a very limited clientele, with specific requirements. It is for patients that are completely incapacitated. We need to receive a requisition from the doctor stating that a house call collection is required. We are unable to accept patients that are having transportation issues.

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