A private pay blood test, brought to you by LifeLabs


Covid Antibody Serology Testing is a private pay blood test offered by LifeLabs.
It is a test to determine if a person has had Covid-19 in the past, not for an active infection. Testing is not covered by provincial healthcare and must be paid for by the patient.

Please see LifeLabs website here for information and pricing.

The blood sample for this test can be collected at Valley Medical Laboratories locations. Patients must have a pre-paid LifeLabs Covid Antibody Serology requisition. This requisition must be signed by an active Canadian physician.

Valley Medical Labs charges a collection fee of $25.00. This fee is for collection and shipping only and is in addition to the payment to Life Labs.

Please complete and print the following Valley Medical Labs Covid Antibody Serology payment form and bring it with you to the lab.

Required items to bring with you to the lab:

  1. Provincial Healthcare card
  2. LifeLabs Pre-Paid requisition (must be signed by a doctor)
  3. Valley Medical Labs Covid Antibody Serology Payment Form